OZMA - French Explosive Jazz

Foto: © Bartosch Salmanski

OZMA - French Explosive Jazz

Cafe Wagner, Jena

OZMA - French Explosive Jazz

wir danken dem für die Unterstützung dem "Französisches Kulturbüro/Institut français Thüringen"

/// Line up
Stéphane Scharlé: drums, composition
Edouard Séro-Guillaume: bass, keyboards
Tam de Villiers: guitar
Julien Soro: saxophone, keyboards
Alois Benoit : trombone, fx

/// Info

/// The New Album
Das ist ein ganz moderner Ansatz des Jazz. Elektonic, ProgRock, Experimentelles fließen mit Elementen der Filmmusik zu einem spannenden Konglomerat der unterschiedlichsten Ausdrucksformen zusammen. Das Titelstück, das für Hamburg steht, thematisiert eine babylonische Sprachvielfalt, die sich in einer sehr elektronisch bestimmten Beschaffenheit entwickelt. Bandleader und Schlagzeuger Stéphane Scharlé hat alle Stücke unter dem Eindruck ihrer Welttournee komponiert. Julien Soro (Saxofon und Keyboards), Édouard Séro-Guillaume (Bass und Keyboards), Tam de Villiers (Gitarre) und Guillaume Nuss (Posaune und Effekte) setzen das angeregt, dynamisch und, wo nötig sehr dramatisch um. Das klingt schon sehr rätselhaft, wenn die Truppe über die Terrakotta-Armee in Xi’an erzählt.(Von Dylan Cem Akalin)

STÉPHANE SCHARLÉ / Drums - Composition
Impressive athlete with ceaseless energy, armed with a personality which charms through its dynamism. He is the supervisor of nuance and narration. He pulls the group from piano to forte with only the force of his drumsticks; a sensitive and crystalline colorist with lightning reflexes. Under the hood, he has a motor made of metal and granite which roars of telluric rock, which he unleashes only when necessary.

A weakness for science fiction, a love of the imaginary, he loves losing himself in stories that excite the neurons and that much is audible. Ingenious architect, his bass is endlessly inventing harmonic progressions which alter the baroque and push and shove the pop versions. Between serious lows and bantering high notes, he unchains the soloists, occasionally scolding them; he inserts himself in phrases extracted from the earth and softens their landing by creating large, comfortable spaces.

JULIEN SORO / Saxophones
Formidable ping-pong player, gastronomic expert, he eats up music in momentous proportions, he is delighted and nourished by it. He plays what he hears and he hears quite a bit. Once he has his sax in hand, his implication is total. His discourse is personal and singular, a powerful proposition without being overbearing. Eloquent and funny, on stage he is like he is when hosting a dinner: generous and gluttonous, perhaps a bit moody, yet assuredly moving.